3 Myths About Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeover Centerville, UT

Many patients still think twice before getting a smile makeover. You might also have heard of the myths that surround this procedure. A patient may refuse to go through any dental makeover treatment even if the patient’s health is already at risk. If you want to find out the truth about a few of the myths about smile makeovers, here are the facts.

Patients do not need to visit the dentist

A dentist cannot monitor a patient’s oral health if the patient does not go to routine dental checks. Dental appointments are crucial because they enable dentists to see and treat problems early. In the clinic, dentists can monitor the progress of the treatment plans. This is an efficient way to help the patient achieve the goals of the smile makeover. If there are corrective measures during mid-treatment, the dentist could perform them right away.

Routine dental exams also help prevent serious dental issues. Manipulating teeth is a gradual and complicated procedure in a smile makeover. It must have constant monitoring from beginning to end. The latest technology in cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to lengthen the intervals between clinic visits. One good example is teeth straightening.

Instead of using traditional braces that need monthly adjustments by the dentist, patients can just use aligners. With these aligner trays, checkups happen every six or 10 months. This is more convenient for the patient. Results are even quicker with aligners as long as the patient follows the aligner changing schedule. The patient must also wear the aligners for 22 hours a day.

Teeth need to be in bad shape first

Anyone who wants to have a smile makeover can get it. If the patient does not need elaborate restorations like dental implants, there are simpler options like bonding and veneers. Some procedures in a smile makeover only involve teeth whitening and recontouring. The patient’s teeth do not need to look deteriorated to get a smile makeover.

Teeth straightening does not have to be awkward anymore. There are invisible aligners to manipulate teeth. The patient can also have gum reshaping to correct gummy smiles. This involves taking off some of the gum tissue covering the teeth. For teeth whitening, in-office teeth whitening is available.

Treatments take very long to finish

Only some of the smile makeover treatments take months. One of them is implant surgery. If the patient does not need dental implants, non-surgical smile makeover options are available. Porcelain veneers and dental crowns do not take that long to restore teeth. With 3D designs and printing, patients can have these two restorations in just one day.

A smile makeover can only be helpful if you bust the myths about it

Fallacies develop over time about procedures like a smile makeover. This often results in dismissing treatments that can improve your appearance and oral health. Talking to an experienced dentist can enlighten you about the treatment that is right for you. That way, you will not deprive yourself of a brand-new smile.

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